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  1. The entry page is
  2. Click on Register in the right top corner and complete the online form.  Note that the system checks whether your eMail address is already on record and will not allow duplicates.  Hence, if you wish to use your main eMail address i.e. your agency for testing purposes as opposed to an imaginary agency with another eMail address, then we will have to delete your current registration first which only takes a few seconds (our contact details appear below).
  3. You will receive an eMail confirming your registration details and advising that you will not be able to login until your application has been activated.  We’ll do this in the back office for you and you will receive another eMail confirming that this has been done and advising your login credentials.
  4. Return to the entry page.
  5. Click on Login in the right top corner which takes you to the Agency Login screen (1st level login).  Enter your agency ID, User Name and password.  Click on Login to continue.
  6. You will now see the Agent Login screen .  If you have registered for the first time, you will need to create one or more agents in order for the 2nd level login system to work.  To do this, click on Manage Agents in the right top corner which displays the Manage Agents screen.  Enter your name into the Add New Agent field followed by clicking on the Add button.  You will now see that you have been created as the 1st agent for your agency.  If you want to add more agents, repeat the process.  If you want to edit your agent details, click on the Edit button.
  7. To initialise the addition of agents for your agency which is a once-off process, click on the Logout button in the right top corner, enter your agency details and then select the agent logging in being yourself, on the Agent Login screen, followed by click on the Login button which will take you to the Members’ website.

Let me know via eMail ( or landline (044 533 5757) or contact me on Skype “colinrule”, if you need any assistance herein.