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The Real-Estate Networking Service (RNS) is a property listing service which offers Sellers maximum marketing exposure for their properties enabling the sale thereof in the shortest possible time at the right price, with the least possible hassles.


The majority of the Real-Estate agencies in Port Elizabeth are members of RNS, which is on average 400 real-estate agents. The beauty of RNS is that its member agents have subjected themselves to a Code of Conduct whereby they all work together to effect a quicker sale on your behalf!

The mandated or listing agent has in compliance with the RNS Code of Conduct agreed to share the commission he/she earns with the agent that brings a buyer for your property. In other words, you have one agent controlling the marketing process and viewing appointments, but many agents harmoniously working together to sell your property – and that, at no extra cost to yourself!

Upon signature of a RNS Mandate your property details and photographs, as well as the contact details of the listing agent are loaded onto the RNS website www.rnsec.co.za, making it immediately available to public buyers and other listing sites. Furthermore, your property details are placed on a distribution list to all the RNS agents within five working days of you having signed an RNS Mandate, bringing the new prospect to their attention and thereby maximizing the possibility of a quicker sale, as some may already have qualified buyers interested in a property like yours.


Besides all of the above, you as the Seller have the opportunity of placing your property on an Open Hour, which is a viewing arranged by the listing agent for RNS agents, either on a Tuesday or Thursday morning, depending on the area. RNS agents, who could have potential buyers in your area, then attend the viewing and each give their estimated market related value of your property.

Before RNS, many Estate Agents often used to “bid” for a sole mandate by persuading the Seller that he/she could get a better price than his/her “opposition”. In the short term the Seller would enjoy the “good news” and very often awarded the mandate to the agent who promised the highest price, only to be disappointed later on realising that the property had been overpriced and would not sell at the inflated price.

Due to the networking principle and harmonious working together of RNS members, agents are no longer fearful of losing a mandate and therefore give unbiased advice on the right price of a property, which is invaluable to Sellers in setting the best selling price. You no longer have a single opinion of the marketing value of your property, but are afforded the opportunity of comparing your selling price with the estimated valuation of several active real-estate agents in the industry, which is of great assistance in ensuring that your property is priced right. In short - TEAM WORK SELLS HOUSES FASTER!

Call 041 585 0582 or Visit www.rnsec.co.za

Features & Benefits of joining Real-Estate Network Services

Features & Benefits of joining Real-Estate Network Services

At RNS we will continually strive to provide our client with progressive online solutions with a purpose to assist our clients to achieve a competitive advantage on the web.

RNS online allows you to introduce your properties on our website in a simple and efficient form, thanks to our state of the art content management system (CMS).

RNS online offers the highest comfort of user interface with intuitive navigation and interactive online assistant. User operation is simple, efficient, and comfortable.

RNS online will always ensure that your internet presence is kept modern and that its value continually rises.

Easy to use interface providing for adding, editing and deleting of owners, property information and listing details including easy to use photograph management.

Easy to use interface for adding, editing and deleting buyers and tenants and their purchasing or letting criteria.

We at RNS understand and value that a successful website increases company's profit. RNS real estate portals are based on the newest know-how and technologies that are being constantly developed. We observe these trends and apply them in our work. It leads to improving the level of our services and customer satisfaction.

The security of our internet applications is being constantly perfected with respect to the newest security methods. The system is secured by unique multi-level data and access protection.

RNS web design is developed according to the latest psychological studies and research. Our website is functional in all major web browsers and devices (mobile phones, PDAs).


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041 585 0582

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104 Park Drive, St Georges Park, Port Elizabeth

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P.O. Box 7093, Newton Park, Port Elizabeth, 6055